Novel insights and genomics-guided precision medicine

Innovative informatics that drive insights in discovery and put data into action

Drive novel insights with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and Omicsoft Array Studio

  • Identify novel disease-associated signatures for further investigation, increasing likelihood of identification of new therapeutic targets
  • Test your hypothesis by generating novel regulatory networks
  • Explore pathways to discover biological significance of co-occurring variants

Enable genomics-guided clinical trial design with real-world evidence through N-of-One

  • Optimize cohort design and companion diagnostic (CDx) development with variant classification and co-occurring variant analysis
  • Enable optimal biomarker and indication selection for targeted therapies by leveraging data from >130,000 patient cases
  • Guide patients towards the most appropriate clinical trial and treatment options through molecular interpretation of patient-specific sequence data

Actionable variants for any indication with QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) enabling better care

  • Minimize complexity, time and overall cost of clinical interpretation while increasing reproducibility and consistency with automated expert guidelines (AMP/ASCO/CAP)
  • Integrate diverse data for comprehensive variant interpretation using streamlined indication-specific workflows and evidence-based insights that enable identification of geo-specific clinical trial-matching and drugs
  • Scalable solutions for clinical variant interpretation, with QCI Interpret’s custom in-house pipelines or PrecisionInsight’s on-demand curation, tailored to fit your workflows

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