Accelerate your biomarker discovery

Accelerating insights in oncology with high-performance Sample to Insight solutions

Conquer the complexity of cancer with cutting-edge Sample to Insight solutions from QIAGEN. As your trusted partner in oncology research, we are committed to providing you with powerful innovations to accelerate discovery and advance your understanding of cancer.

Explore the full breadth of our RNA, miRNA and DNA sequencing solutions, optimized to maximize insights even from low-input samples. Rethink RNA-seq with revolutionary QIAseq FastSelect technology, which enables complete removal of unwanted RNA from RNA-seq libraries in a single 10-second step. Create a comprehensive profile of Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) and Microsatellite Instability Status (MSI) with our new QIAseq Tumor Mutational Burden Panels, which cover 513 genes and ensure 98% correlation to exome. For human and mouse immune repertoire screening, we offer QIAseq Immune Repertoire RNA Library Kits, which combine the strengths of unique molecular index and single primer extension technologies for greater accuracy.

Our Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and OmicSoft Array Suite applications help pinpoint significant genes and differential expression associated with disease and generate novel regulatory networks as hypotheses for further investigation. From identifying novel biomarkers and detecting new variants to translating NGS data into meaningful insights, leverage on the combined benefits of our sample preparation, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics solutions for superior results and confidence in your data.

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